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custom visualization for data-heavy slides
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You are in the right place if you have prepared business presentation materials, and ready to increase their value and leave them under control.

So, you are looking for the fastest way to receive a 100% editable presentation with laconic and sophisticated corporate design capable of clearly communicating the main ideas. I help to deliver your important messages supported with data heavy arguments through well-crafted PowerPoint slides. You found business PowerPoint designer here.

I am Olena Leus,
business presentation designer specialized in powerpoint presentation design.

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Complex approach to custom presentation design
I believe that brilliant business ideas and strategic messages deserve to be visible and intuitively readable to their audience. It is a mix of keeping the goal in mind, visualization and attention to details.

The peculiarity of presentation in terms of visualization is it's complexity. It is not just one picture like an advertorial image or social media banner. Therefore a graphic designer is not equal to a  professional powerpoint designer. As a presentation design specialist, I take care of structuring messages, designing according to the brand style, and rethinking of presentation flow in a dynamic manner that holds the attention of your audience. I feel the balance of intrigue and logical proofs, creative ideas and data structure.

As a PowerPoint presentation designer I also comment and advise which direction of design to choose to receive comfortable in use slides according to your goals (how better design presentation for board meeting, sending by email directly to a client, demonstrating on a webinar, etc).
Minimalist presentation design style, visible structure
As a business presentation designer, I love to work with business presentations, full of financial data, detailed tables, serious graphics and transform them into infographic custom designed slides. Someone likes to create designs with creative pictures and impressive photos, my beloved tools are good structure, cutting unnecessary wise usage of icons and sometimes perfect photos to visualize the concept.

I would call this style "minimalist presentation design", though the maximal amount of information on business slides does not allow to do it. It is completely reasonable as a business decision needs detailed arguments and 360-degrees overview. It is often called the infographic style of slides, but infographic is one separate picture which tells a story and presentation is a sequence of slides so it is not 100% true.

But as a result you will obtain definite conceptual, laconic, as much minimalistic as possible, modern and creative slides with elements of infographics.
PowerPoint as the main tool for business presentation design
Mainly I am PowerPoint presentation designer, so I work with PowerPoint as a main presentation software. The strongest argument: you will receive a professionally designed presentation deck 100% editable by you in MS PowerPoint. So you can still add changes at the last moment before your meeting. Business people do have PowerPoint installed on computers and know-how to work with it. And PowerPoint is a very effective and constantly improved tool for presentation design, just add PowerPoint expert to your team. It is definitely enough to create a modern design of a business document, not a piece of fine art. For all ranges of tools and services please review my services.
Short timeline
Presentation is just a perfect tool for business. The only issue is that you have to spend a lot of time to create it and usually nothing left to design it. Professional PowerPoint presentation designer can save the situation for sure!

I can help you to get in time to the fantastic finish line. Check my availability, invite me, be ready to discuss the project and receive a free sample based on your draft slides only within several hours. Deadline for design business slides from 36 hours. Write me and you will see.

Approach and timescale

I have my own approach to the business presentation design process which is straight, simple and helps me guarantee you the qualitative result within a short timeframe.
Proven by 6 years and 1000+ presentation design projects for business
We Review and Discuss
Free sample delivery takes 4-24 hours.
We agree the direction,
I implement
You get result, review,
I finalize
Approved by hundreds of 5feedbacks on independent platform Upwork
"We asked Olena to re-work a rather messy technical presentation with a lot of graphs and tables and bring it to a nice consistent and visually impactful style. She did so within a pretty tight deadline, and the result was very satisfactory. Communication was also timely and seamless. I would definitely hire Olena again for future projects."