Business presentation designer portfiolio

This presentation design portfolio contains mostly presentations and presentation templates that are specially designed to demonstrate my skills as a business presentation designer in PowerPoint, as real business presentation design projects are mostly under NDA. But I can show some done projects in private conversation.
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PowerPoint consulting presentation design. Tools and materials: client's draft materials, MS PowerPoint, icons, CC photos

Often consulting company have a lot of data, valuable comments and request to visualize and bound it all together so the audience will go for their ideas flow and make necessary conclusions. I can sort the data, find the most important things and make smart design so the information will be understandable and outcomes reasonable.
I do not edit materials but structure existing pieces into laconic infostory.
Example of Before and after slides for consulting presentation. Tools and materials: client's draft materials in various formats, MS PowerPoint, icons
Often I have requests when draft materials contains a lot of charts, data and information from different sources and I need to design them all in one style according to branding guidelines.

Investor pitch deck design

Presentation design of investor pitch deck which planned to be presented before the audience. Dark background and minimum of information are used accordingly. This is just a sample of design, there is no real data and story inside. All photos are from free resources with Creative Commons license
Storytelling health photos
Storytelling presentaiton for online education program. My beloved sample of mixing pictures and icons for visualization. Nice and laconic slides, great choice when you do not need to send slides, only show them and tell your story. Slides are not overloaded with text and data, so here is the main task to visuzalize creatively the story to involve audience in the problem and solution.
Presentation template in two parts: template for big screen presentations and template for slides with detailed information
I've created this template to demonstrate that often companies neede not one but two presentation templates. One template to show the design approach for big screen presentations, which should impress poeople with bold images and colors. Anothe template for some slides with detail information, like detailed pitch decks which should be reviewed several times before making decision, or some other analytical set with data and outcomes.