How it works?
Approach and timescale to business presentation design

This is my own approach to the presentation design process which helps me guarantee the qualitative result. Proven by 6 years and 1000+ projects
We will discuss the task for business presentation design (your business, your needs and expectations) in detailed messages or live chat (upon agreement).
Free sample delivery takes 4-24 hours.

It may seem to you boring at this stage but this is the most important step to deliver the result that meets your expectations. Result of the stage: agreed style and approved standard for the whole project.

At the end of the introduction stage, I also can clearly estimate the scope of work for your project to be delivered, timing and cost with the payment approach. We will discuss and finalize it.
Within one day you will definitely have complex understanding whether my service is a good solution for your task.
It will start when the first stage will be 100% completed – we will have an approved sample of quality and answers to every question.

Start the project and rework the full presentation - 1-3 days (estimate as 15-20 slides per day).

You will not see how this step goes on. But as a result of this step you will receive at least 95% ready redesigned presentation.

Please stay in contact during these days, as I might have questions regarding some small but important for presentation flow and design details.
As you receive the result I will wait for your comments. I will update the reworked presentation according to them.
We have approved the standard on the 1st stage, so I suppose mainly secondary changes can appear at this stage.

Typically I can update slides within 24 hours after receiving your comments, often it is much faster.

All results will be delivered in original software format (mostly pptx), font files (if necessary) and pdf format. For template tasks, a template delivers together with instructions how to install and use it.
Intro. Discuss a task, receive a sample
Agree action plan, wait for implementaiton
Get result and review to finalize
Business presentatin deisgn pricing
$300 to $5000
typical cost range

$17 till $50
cost per slide/layout

Everything depending on scope of work, style and basic materials
To get an estimate send me your task description, draft materials and I will answer immediately. I will also send possible payment options and propose what I can do for you as free demonstrating of my quality and approach.

At least 2 slides of your materials designed by me you will receive for free.

I receive payments through Upwork platform. We can use it only for transfers or you can register there and have their risk-safe service, like ….. This is totally upon your choice. One big advantage I want to stress – with permanent clients it is comfortable to have cost per hour, not per slides, because slides are different. Upwork propose such service with independent time tracker and screenshot reports.