Olena Leus

Business Presentation Designer

Business strategy expertise
My previous 15-years experience is focused on marketing and advertising industry where I obtained the position of Strategic and Business development director. It gave me a business mindset and great experience in various types of different presentations which I created, revised and compiled.

I deeply understand your slides, know what you mean and why you put this information. I was responsible for presentation materials in strategic projects and compounded multi-authors presentations, being responsible for gathering presentation together by the main message and the one style, regardless the origins and their formats.

So I insist on the importance of structure and accents in presentation flow. I adore trends, strategic thinking, insights and business ideas. I am in close relationship with marketing, business strategy and decision making. Be sure about keeping privacy, I am always ready to sign NDA.
Information visualization passion
Since 2014 I worked as a professional PowerPoint designer, in particular business presentation designer.

I worked with all types of presentations where big amount of serious info appears. Someone is scared of these slides, but I like them because every such slide is like a puzzle and they indeed have solutions. I know that the world is full of original and resultful business ideas and approaches. Unfortunately, only a small part of them can be readable in their basic forms. You need a PowerPoint expert to tell story executives will understand and believe.

I am passionate about smart complex visualization. I gather trends, approaches, templates to use in my process in a smart way, continually updating my tools and library of working solutions and inspiration cases. I see the possibility of visualization everywhere — searching through the web, reading magazines. I am also a contemporary painting and digital artist, it allows me to grow design expertise
Professional level service
Due to past business experience of 15 years and being an independent designer for the last 6 years, I understand the business process and respect business culture of delivering high quality results in time without surprises.

I respect the wiliness of being able to change slides any time. So everything delivered by the business presentation deisgner has to be 100% editable and user-friendly.

I am fast, accurative and require minimum input from the client.

Confidentiality is one of the main aspects in your business and I respect it most of all. I am customer focused and high-quality result are my core value.

I do not overload you with design details and questions as soon as I know what you see in the end and what is important for you in the result product.
> 3000
tracked hours on Upwork dedicated to presentation design
≈ 300
contracts, most of them for multiple projects
clients with
day-to-day ongoing support
> 200 4.5★
rate feedbacks
on Upwork and Linkedin
Trusted partner for numerous companies and experts. Proved by client's testimonials.
I am proud that business experts in various fields, who have used my service, highly estimated it and delivered results. You can review detailed outlines of real clients on Linkedin. During my 6-year experience on Upwrok as an independent presentation designer I have received more than 200 excellent feedbacks on projects. I worked with one-time and long term contracts, but for most of my clients I am a go-to presentation designer. Come and see.
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My regular clients are from next sectors: investment banking, management consultancy, AI, Fintech, Digital solutions, Medicine, Transport.
I usually work with such experts from next departments: Business development, marketing, strategic, research, investor relations, internal communications.